UPDATE as of 30 August 2017

The previous update on 8 April 2017 explained that the DLPOA had been working with the City of Rolling Hills Estates to address various drainage issues on the DLPOA trail system for over a year. The primary areas of review have been June’s Trail, and the intersection of the Dapplegray Trail to the City’s Chandler Trail.

The City’s consultant (Transtech Engineering) prepared a scope of work which detailed the work necessary to improve the drainage of June’s Trail onto Palos Verdes Drive East (attached). The contract for this work was awarded by the City to Access Pacific, General Contractor.

Access Pacific has already brought some of their equipment and materials to the empty Lot #114 (old golf course parking lot). Work should be commencing any day, and is scheduled to last up to 45 days.

During the construction phase along June’s Trail, there will be open trenches dug for the new drain pipes, and the storm drain from the end of Sorrel Lane will be reconstructed. Alternate access through Lot #114 has been arranged, but access may be limited during working hours.

During the construction phase on the steep hill where the City trail connects to Dapplegray Trail, complete closure will be necessary, hopefully no more than a couple of days. The trail is too narrow here to provide a safe path around the construction area.

All efforts will be made by the contractor to provide safe equestrian passage. Please be patient while these important safety improvements are being completed to our trail system.